How To Permanently Remove The Search Here Browser Tab

How To Remove Search Here Toolbar

              How To Remove Toolbars

There are web browser toolbars that look innocuous and even useful at times, but turn out to be annoying, irritating, and highly undesirable. Actually, most of these toolbars programs gain entry into the computer system due to low attention from the users. Uses unwittingly allow the toolbar program to be installed in the system as a part of some third party software install. But you should know that such toolbars are not designed with the best intensions in mind. is one such highly tricky website providing a toolbar. In every sense, the website looks genuine. The problem comes when you try searching on the website. You will not be directed to any website, which you want to visit. This is actually a hijacker virus known to annoy users by attacking the browser. This virus has the capability to jeopardize the normal functions of the browsers, and can even make the entire system extremely slow. Apart from that, lots of useless short cut icons are included in the search page. These have lots of advertisements and illegal links and because of this your system further slows down.

You will not be allowed to change your homepage as well. So if you stuck with the annoying add-on in your computer, here is how to remove Search Here toolbar.

Process Of Search Here

             Remove Search Here Toolbar

Steps to follow

  • Launch the Windows Task Manager utility; press Ctrl + Shift + ESC keys on your keyboard simultaneously. You can also right-click on the taskbar, and select the Task Manager option from the pop-up menu to access the utility.
  • Go to the Processes tab in the dialogue box, and look out for the process of Search Here It will be listed as random.exe.
  • Select the entry, and click on the End Process button located at the bottom of the window. You can also click on the Delete button on your keyboard to remove the process permanently. Simply click Yes when prompted.

When done, close the window, and open Control Panel. Here, locate the Search Here toolbar in the Programs section, and uninstall the same. Run an antivirus scan on your computer, after the process is finished.

This was how to remove Search Here toolbar from your computer. For more such informative guides, contact our tech support team over the toll-free number.

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Configuring An AutoReply Message In Outlook

Outlook Setting

        Outlook AutoReply

You can set Outlook to send an automatic reply message when someone sends you an email. This is useful if you’re not in station and want the sender to know it. Following are the steps to set up automatic replies to incoming email.

This Outlook setting can be made as permanent, or for a certain upcoming period of time. You can make separate messages for different senders who try to contact you. Here’s how.

  • Hit the File tab in the upper left corner of the window.
  • Choose Automatic Replies, and then click on Send automatic replies.
  • See if you need the Outlook setting for a specific time range – for incoming email to be automatically replied to. If you do, choose the Only send during this time range check box, which lets you schedule the time you’ll be out of the office.
  • If the end time isn’t specified, the message will be sent until you uncheck the Do not send automatic replies box. The feature itself is a way to configure out of office replies in advance.
  • Then comes the body of the message you want to configure. To enter this, go to the Inside My Organization tab, and then the AutoReply only once to each sender with the following message field.
  • For a message to people who aren’t colleagues, go to the Outside My Organization tab, and tick the Auto-Reply to people outside my organization box. You can choose for this reply to go to My contacts only, or to Anyone outside my organization. Click OK when done.
Incoming Email

             Outlook Mail Handling

You can also add rules to the out of office message which you set up. This will specify different actions to be taken depending on the sender of the email.

  • Go to the Rules button in the bottom left of the Automatic Replies window, and then choose Add Rules.
  • Choose When a message arrives that meets the following conditions, and provide the conditions for the rule to be applied.
  • There’s an Advanced option for this, where you can enter or select the options of your choice. Click OK when done.
  • If you give more than one rule and want one to be applied after everything else, choose the Do not process subsequent rules check box.
  • Go to Perform these actions, and choose the ones you want. Then click OK, thrice.

That was on how to set up automatic replies in Outlook. Check out other useful stuff in our latest post. Search through older ones if you can’t find something you’re looking for.

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Steps To Configure Outlook 2013

Outlook Setting

                 Outlook Features

Microsoft Outlook is considered to be the best email application. The availability of several advanced and unique features in the program make it popular among the users. Some of the features such as task manager, calendar, journals etc. make it easier for the users to successfully schedule their events and their appointments. In a way, one can say that Microsoft Outlook is an essential application for every business professional. There is a dedicated technical support team known as Outlook help and support team that helps to troubleshoot and fix the issues related to the Outlook setting.

Microsoft Outlook also serves as an excellent personal information manager for the users as it securely stores the personal and contact information of the users. If the personal information of the Outlook users is stored in personal storage tables, which are also known as PST files, the Outlook address book is used to save the contact information of the users.

Several users contact Outlook tech support after encountering issues in configuring Outlook 2013 in their systems. Configuring the Outlook 2013 application is a simple method and all you require is to follow these instructions:

  • In the first step, you need to click on the Start button and then enter Microsoft Outlook in the search box. Once you see the Outlook window, you need to navigate to the Tool option followed by Account Settings.
  • Now, you need to click on add a new e-mail account radio button followed by the Next button. Next, you need to choose the second option, the POP3 radio button for server type and then click on Next.

    Outlook Address Book

                   Outlook Issues

  • Here, you will have to type in your information in the next Internet E-mail Settings (POP3) window and then click on the More Settings button.
  • You will get a new window on the computer screen; then click on Outgoing Server tab. Now, choose the checkbox of My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  • In the next step, click on the Advanced tab. Now, you can change the port number of Outgoing Server (SMTP) and change it to 80 or 3535.
  • Once you’re done, click on the OK button and then on Next followed by the Finish tab to save the Outlook setting.

By following these instructions, you can successfully configure Outlook 2013 in your system. For more information on the same, you may contact our tech support team.

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Steps To Edit An Existing Account In Outlook Express 6.0

Outlook Express Problems

            Outlook Express 6.0

When you add an email account to the Outlook Express program, it lets you configure the custom settings for login information, security and email servers. You will experience issues while accessing or sending email messages if any of this information changes. If you need to makes changes to the email account password, or decide to make use of a different security option, or server to access the mail, you may have to make changes to the Outlook account settings. The steps to edit an existing Account in the Outlook Express program are explained below in this article. You can follow the steps carefully so that you do not encounter any Outlook Express problems.


  • Open the Outlook Express program and then select Accounts located in the Tools menu. Click on the Mail tab, and then select the account that you need to change. You can click on the Remove button if you wish to delete the account.
  • Select Properties to see and edit the account details. You can update any user data in the General tab. This includes your email ID, name, or the incoming mail server. Choose the Servers tab if you wish to edit your password, account name or mail server data. Choose the Connection tab if you wish to select the Internet connection that your PC makes use of to download email messages for the account.

    Outlook Express Help Modules

                Outlook Account Settings

  • Click on the Security tab if you wish to make use of a security certificate that is issued by your email service provider or choose a method for encryption. You can click on the Advanced tab if you wish to change the port number that the mail server uses to make use of a secured connection to download and send email messages.
  • Click on the Apply button and then on the OK button to save the changed account settings for the Outlook Express program.

These are the simple steps to edit existing account settings in the Outlook Express program. If you wish to know more on these steps, you can contact the Outlook help and support team. They will be able to help you do these steps without encountering any Outlook Express problems. You can also refer to the Outlook Express help modules that are posted in the official Microsoft website to know more on these Outlook Account Setting steps.

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Tips And Tricks To Using Outlook

Outlook Help Desk

             Outlook Special Features

The email client Microsoft Outlook is your ideal companion when it comes to managing business and personal email. You can operate multiple email accounts in the same software and use the application while offline, an important feature missing in other web-mails. The other benefits of using the email client include being able to manage your schedule and taking care of all your business contacts. The Contacts app of Outlook acts as an extensive Contacts manager that is capable of pulling in contact details from social media websites and the like. Similarly, the Calendar app of Outlook helps you manage your tasks on a daily basis as well as for future dates.

Outlook became extremely popular because of its ease-of-use. You can figure out how to get the program working within a short time once your email account has been set up. Over time, you will be able to make use of the key features that Microsoft Outlook provides. However, in order to power use the Outlook email client like a professional, you will need to spend some time looking at its capabilities and testing them. Learning how to use the different functionalities of Outlook will come in handy when you are working on a tight schedule and have to get the job done in a very small interval. The best resource for learning all the interesting features that Outlook provides is our Outlook help desk.

Microsoft Outlook

              Outlook Professional Use

The best way of doing so is to utilize all the features provided by Outlook to its maximum possible extent. Maintaining the Contacts and your schedule using Outlook might appear to take time in the beginning. However, over time, you will be accustomed to performing the task at a faster rate. Once the database is generated, you will be able to make full use of it. Outlook is extremely useful because it is a complete personal information manager capable of acting as a virtual address book, task manager and contact manager.

While using Outlook, you are bound to come across errors that will prevent you from carrying out your task. Fortunately, Outlook provides several troubleshooting tools that can help you solve the issues with it. Using these tools, you will be able to fix the issue yourself and continue with the task. If you ever come across any issue that you are not able to solve by yourself, you can always contact our Outlook help desk. Our support technicians will help you sort any issue with the email client as soon as possible.

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