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Many of the computer users are making use of the Outlook program to handle their email messages and contacts. This program can also be used as a task scheduler, calendar, information manager and much more. There are many versions of the Outlook program and it is provided as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. This article discusses the Outlook setting steps to configure the Outlook 2003 program. You can follow these steps religiously.


  • Turn on your Windows computer and then launch the Outlook program either by double-clicking on the Outlook desktop icon or by selecting Start> Programs> MS Office and then Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.
  • After the application has launched, you can select Tools and then Email Accounts.
  • You can choose Add a new e-mail account and then click on the Next button.
  • Select IMAP in the Server Type screen.
  • Select the Next button.
  • In the Internet Email Settings (IMAP) screen, type in
  1. Your Name
  2. Your Email ID
  3. Incoming mail server (IMAP):
  4. Outgoing mail server (SMTP) :
  5. User Name: Type in your UCSC account name together with the
  6. You can leave the password field blank
  7. Set Incoming Server (IMAP) field to port 993.
  8. Set Outgoing server (SMTP) to port 465.
  9. Select the boxes for This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) and then click on the OK button.
  • Select More Settings. This will open the Internet Email Settings window.
  • Select the Outgoing Server tab.

    Internet Email Settings (IMAP)

                    Outlook Support

  • Choose the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication checkbox.
  • Ensure that Use same settings as my incoming mail server is selected and then click on the Advanced tab.
  • After doing the above steps, you can click on the OK button to save the email client configuration settings changes that you have made.

These are the simple and easy to follow Outlook setting steps to configure the Microsoft Outlook 2003 program for IMAP. These steps are relatively simple and should be followed carefully so that you do not encounter any errors. If you have any doubts in any of the steps that are discussed above, you can contact the Outlook help and support team for further assistance. The Outlook help technician will help you finish these steps successfully without encountering any Outlook or Windows errors.

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Microsoft Recently Revealed UI Updates For

Outlook Setting

Outlook Setting Info

The world’s largest software company, Microsoft, recently rolled out advanced user-centric functionalities for its Outlook webmail and OneDrive cloud storage services. and OneDrive users will soon see some changes in the user interface of the services as well, along with other improved features.

With the launch of a series of new features, Microsoft believes that these functionalities will boost market, which is gaining in popularity as one of the most popular webmail services available today. Microsoft even hopes that soon, will surpass Gmail as the most popular webmail service.

Microsoft introduced a new Advanced Rules Outlook setting in the webmail service, which allows users to have better and convincing control over how they sort their emails. The users now are provided with the facility to create multi-condition and multi-action rules, and even the added ability to combine rules together.

There are other optional conditions including email tallying, checking read or unread status of emails, time constraints, et cetera. The new and Advanced Rules Outlook setting will provide users a much easy and more formulaic approach to managing their data. Moreover, users can now organize their inbox in a codified manner much like what they can do in Gmail.

Microsoft has also added an Undo feature to its webmail service. This is much like the undo feature, which most Windows OS users are familiar with. Using this feature, users can undo changes or actions like delete, categorize, mark as junk, flag, or move. You can do this by simply pressing “Ctrl +Z” shortcut key combination or clicking on the Undo button.

Optional Conditions

Outlook Setting Help

Another useful feature introduced to is the In-Line Reply option, allowing users to reply or respond to an email thread directly, even without launching a new view for that. This is actually a productivity-enhancing feature, aimed to save the valuable time of users and help them keep track of the conversations. This streamlines the process making it easier for the user to view the message they are replying to at the same time.

According to various experts, these changes to are a step in the right direction. This, in a way, changes how current and future users make use of the system or curtail it for their particular needs. These features actually made their way to ahead of Office 365 adoption. Most customers might be enjoying these features already.

Many believe that with the introduction of these features, Microsoft is warning its rivals that they are serious.

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Free Tools To Repair Corrupted .DBX Files In Outlook Express

Outlook Express Problems

     Fix Outlook Express Problems

A vast number of Outlook Express problems can be fixed by the appropriate use of any of the free software tools you can get online. Mostly, the free tools available are demo versions. The demo versions are good to the extent of fixing the issue. But, they would expire once the trial period ends. For instance, if the trial period is 30 days, the product will expire after 30 days. After that, you will no longer be able to use the tool.


The free software tools meant to address problems with your Outlook Express application are different in features, nature and capacity. Some of the tools are feature rich while others are limited. For instance, there are software tools that can help you convert a file in your Outlook Express application to a different format which can be opened in other email client applications like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird. Basically, most of these tools are equipped with the option to repair corrupted .dbx files.

How to download free software tools?


Outlook Express Support

Before downloading any free software tools, make sure that you have spent enough time reviewing different tools and have found out the best one. You should be choosing a tool that allows you to perform different tasks and address various Outlook Express problems. After you have found out the most appropriate tool, download the tool. You could either download the tool from the official website of the developer of the tool or third party download centres.  It is always recommended to download the tool from the official website of the developer. If you can’t find it, it is okay to download the tool from third party download centres.

Once you have found out the official website or the third party download centre, open the page and locate the software tool. Click on the download link. You will be prompted now to choose between Run or Save. Select the Save option. This will save the setup file of the software tool in your PC. Once the setup file is downloaded, double-click on it to run it. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation of the tool.

Before executing a software tool to fix a specific issue with your Outlook Express application, it is good to read the instructions given in the official website from where you have downloaded the tool. No one can provide you with the most appropriate instructions than the developer himself.

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Fixing Common Outlook Express Errors On Your Own

Outlook Help Desk

         Outlook Express Problems

Outlook Express became popular as an email client because it came bundled with some of the Windows operating systems and Internet Explorer applications. Though not as feature-rich as MS Outlook, Outlook Express has all the basic email functions and options for managing messages, contacts, tasks, etc. Plus, it also gets the Outlook help desk and tech support services that Microsoft provides.

Troubleshooting Outlook Express

Errors in mail client applications are very common. The regular transfer and updates of data between the client application and online mail server can often result in errors, file corruptions and even virus infections. This often results in error messages and other Outlook Express problems.

If you can figure out the root cause of the problem, that is problem half-solved. Internet connectivity issues often result in Outlook Express problems. Temporary outages in your internet connection might be enough to result in an error in Outlook Express. So, you need to check whether you have an active stable internet connection before you start looking for any problem in the mail client itself.

Next, you need to check whether the account settings like the server address details, the port numbers, etc are indeed correct. Get the correct port numbers and server address details and compare them with what you have saved in the mail client. Just go to the Tools menu, select the Accounts option and select the Mail tab.

MS Office 2003

            Contact Outlook Support

There, you will see a list of all the email accounts you added to Outlook Express. Select the email account for which you are receiving the error messages. You need to left-click on this account twice to open the Properties window. Here, you will see email account settings, which you entered during the account setup in Outlook Express. Check if these settings are right, especially the server address details, port numbers and so on. Click on the Apply button after making the necessary changes and restart Outlook Express.

If these steps did not solve this problem, try deleting all the Temporary Internet Files in the IE browser. As already mentioned, Outlook Express is often bundled with Internet Explorer and it uses some of its utilities for its functioning.

Microsoft ended the support for Outlook Express and MS Office 2003 applications along with Windows XP support on April 14, 2014. So, the Outlook help desk lines and phone numbers are no longer active. But, you can still find useful articles with troubleshooting steps for Outlook Express at the Microsoft support page online.

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How To Fix Slow Gmail In Outlook Express

Outlook Express Problems

      Dealing With Slow Outlook Express

Outlook Express problems are rare. However, the errors or problems are so cryptic and puzzling that most of us are lead into believing there are no solutions for them. Rest assured, if you are having a problem, somebody somewhere would be having the same problem as well. No matter how cryptic the error may seem, a simple Google search might reveal the solution.

Every now and then, you come across a problem that you cannot troubleshoot on your own. Either the instructions are too hard to follow or in worst case, there are no instructions available. In such cases, it is advisable to seek assistance from a third party support service. These support services employ competitive staff who are experts in their respective fields. They will be able to troubleshoot your system at half the cost of a technician coming all the way to fix your computer.

One such error, which most users are falsely lead to believe, is that the process of sending and receiving emails is too slow when using Outlook Express to manage your Gmail account. This notion is false and a simple tweak in the email settings in Outlook Express will speed up both sending and receiving messages.

Outlook Express offers full support for email providers that use the IMAP protocol. The drastic difference in speed is noticeable because the program is storing a copy of your messages in the PC. Here’s what you have to do to speed up Outlook Express.

  • From the Start menu or the Desktop, launch Outlook Express on your PC system. The Start menu will be available by clicking the icon situated at the bottom left corner of your screen. You can use various shortcuts to bring up the Start menu as well.

    IMAP Protocol

    Why Gmail In Outlook Express Is Slow

  • Click on the Tools menu and then click Options. You will be able to access all your email account settings inside this window. You will also be able to alter settings related to Outlook Express.
  • Save Copy of Sent Messages in the ‘Sent Items’ Folder option will be enabled by default. Click on the Check box next to it to deselect the option.
  • Enable the Send Messages Immediately option. To finally save all these settings, click on Apply and then press OK.

If you have followed these simple set of instructions, you will notice that your Outlook Express problems have been now solved and you will be able to easily send and receive emails.

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