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Adding Your Web Mail Service Account To Outlook

Outlook setting

 About the Outlook email setup

The Outlook mail application can be used as the single access point for all your email accounts. Outlook allows its users to add multiple accounts to the application. All you have to do is add their details make the necessary changes to Outlook setting. By doing this, you would be able to avail the Outlook features with all these accounts.

Adding a web mail service account to the Outlook application

Irrespective of which version of the Outlook mail client you are using, the setting up of an email account to the Outlook applications is almost the same, with some minor differences as to the menu options and buttons. It is important that you enter the correct data in the Outlook setting field for the new mail account.

If not, the mail client application would not be able to establish a proper connection with the mail message server. Keeping this in mind, I suggest you collect the relevant information from the network administrator of that web mail service.

Follow these instructions:

  • You need to launch the Account Setup wizard to add any new account to the Outlook application. Go to the File option on Outlook’s main toolbar and click on the Add Account option from the expanded menu. This launches the wizard.
  • Press the New button to add the new email account to the Outlook application. Later on, you can use the same option to add multiple mail accounts to the application.

    Email correspondence

                    Changing the Outlook settings

  • When adding the account for certain mail message services, the Outlook application automatically adds the settings. This is not going to work for every web mail service, and especially not for corporate email services or for any other third party mail services.
  • The automatic setup merely requires the email address, user name, password and other account information. You can save and exit the wizard, without worrying about anything else.
  • For manual setup, you need to enter all the protocol settings, port numbers, incoming and outgoing mail server addresses, and so on. This settings need to entered correctly for Outlook to successfully set up the account for that service.

Once you have set up the mail accounts properly, you start to use the Outlook application for accessing the webmail accounts, instead of going to a webmail site online. Your email correspondence would be more secure this way.

Setting Up A Calendar In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook setting

Microsoft Outlook setting for calendars

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful tool that helps users manage their email correspondence in an efficient manner. The look and feel of the Outlook setting is quite simple and user friendly. It is designed in such a way that even people without much technical knowledge can use it easily. The versatile features offered by Microsoft Outlook can be put to better use by accessing simple tools like the Outlook calendar. Setting up a calendar can help reduce the time required to manage your mail and newsletters. It also offers the flexibility of sharing your calendar events with other users connected to the same server.

Let us familiarize ourselves with the various steps involved in setting up a calendar in Microsoft Outlook. Any problems you might stumble up on during the process of setting up a calendar can be sorted out with the help of the Microsoft tech support team.

Installation procedure

  • Start your computer and open the Microsoft Outlook window.
  • Move your cursor to the lower left corner of the window and locate the Calendar option.
  • Click on the File icon located on the menu bar at the top of the currently open window.
  • Click New and then select Calendar. This step, when executed will open up a window with Create a New Calendar as the header. Use this window to continue with the process of setting up your calendar.

    Email correspondence

    Microsoft Outlook for email correspondence

  • Decide upon a name for your calendar based on its type. For example, you can create separate calendars to maintain your official and family emails and tasks. Name the calendar in such a way that it is easy to understand its function. To do this, select Name and type the intended name of your calendar in the space provided.
  • Go to Folder contains and choose Calendar Items.
  • Locate the Select Where to Place the Folder tab and click on the Calendar icon located in the space below. Click OK to complete the procedure.

Now you will see that a new calendar has become part of your Outlook setting. You are given the option of choosing which calendar to be seen on the screen. To do this, go to the Navigation pane and put a checkmark next to the specific calendar. You can choose more than one calendar to be displayed at the same time.

The Calendar helps Outlook users keep a timeline on their correspondence and thus manage the incoming and outgoing mails efficiently. Set up different calendars in Outlook to make your mail management task simpler!