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Message recall is one of the greatest features of the Outlook program. Sometimes, you will require recalling a sent message if the message was not meant for the receiver or if you accidentally sent the message. If you use the message recall feature in Outlook, you can easily retrieve the send message. For using this function, you should have certain prerequisites, as you must use the Outlook with the Microsoft Exchange to use the message recall feature.

Second factor is more important, the receiver of the email also should be a user of the same central messaging system. The recall feature also will not work from an Internet browser; you must use the Outlook program to recall the sent email. Below we describe the instructions from the Outlook help desk to recall the email sent from Outlook Web Access.


  • First, log out from Outlook Web Access and close the Internet browser you are using before opening the Outlook application.
  • Open the Microsoft Outlook program by double clicking on its icon present in the desktop or alternately you can launch the program by clicking on the Outlook icon in the Start menu.
  • Now the Outlook application launches. Click on the Sent Items option under the All Mail Folders section found in the left side of the Outlook application window.

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  • Search for and find the message that you want to recall and then double click on the message to open the message.
  • From the top menu bar, click on the Actions tab and then navigate to the Recall this message option and click on it.
  • Now a window appears; in this window, click on the radio button next to the option Delete unread copies of this message. If you do not wish to receive notifications on each recall message’s success rate, then you should deselect the check box next to Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient and then click on the OK button.
  • Look at the line above the From field in the message you tried to recall and if you find the time and date at which you activated the recall function, close the message.

If you follow the simple Outlook help desk instructions provided above, you can easily recall a sent message. Contact the Outlook help and support center if you require further assistance!

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