Reinstall Outlook Express – Without Losing Your Old Emails

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Outlook problems can be solved easily

Worried about losing important mails every time you reinstall your Outlook Express? The outlook help desk offers a simple yet effective solution to this problem. They basically list out a set of instructions in an orderly fashion to troubleshoot your Outlook Express issues without losing vital data.

Backup Your Email Database

This should be the first and foremost action to ensure the proper backup of your data.


  • Go to Outlook Express menu and select Tools > Options
  • Select  Store Folder  from the Maintenance tab
  • Copy the location that says “Your personal message store is located in the following folder” on  to your clipboard
  • Close the dialog box
  • Access the Windows Homepage and select  Start > Run
  • Paste the given location in the box and click OK
  • Create a new folder on your desktop named Outlook Backup
  • Access all your personal message storage , copy the contents and paste them in to the new folder
  • Open Outlook Express and access  Tools > Accounts
  • Go to the Mail tab and select the mail accounts to be restored after the reinstallation
  • Export  the accounts on –by-one  and store them in the Outlook Backup folder

Reinstall The Outlook Express Software

Choose a clean virus free version of your existing Outlook Express application or a higher version of the same for the reinstallation.

  • Go to the Windows Control Panel and select Add or Remove Programs
  • Select Outlook Express and uninstall the application
  • Repeat the exact same process to do the installation of a fresh version of Outlook Express

Restore Your Email Database

Email Database

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 The final step would be resending all the required emails and other relevant data to the newly installed application to enable smooth access and functioning of your daily correspondence.

  • Launch the Outlook Express application again and check whether it works well
  • Go to  File > Import > Messages
  • Choose the import file type as Microsoft Outlook Express and click Next
  • Navigate to the backup data stored in the  Outlook Backup folder and click Next
  • Import all the selected files and then click Finish
  • Access the Outlook Express menu and select  Tools > Accounts
  • Go to the Mail  tab and click on the Import tab to send a copy of the selected mail to Outlook Express
  • Click OK to finish.

If you encounter any difficulties en-route, avail the live chat help from the outlook help desk.

Outlook Express is a wonderful application that usually works perfectly, but that occasional crash can turn your world upside down. So always prepare for the worst by frequently creating backups for your data, even while you hope for the best!!


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