Fixing Spell Check In Outlook

Outlook help desk

Outlook help desk to fix spell check error

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is an email application which many of us find quite convenient to use. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it integrates all of our POP3 and IMAP email accounts. Using a Windows Operating system on the PC, anyone can get access to these email accounts, which can be accessed from a single interface.

Unlike the previous ones, Microsoft Outlook 2007 has integrated many other interesting and convenient features too that the users might find quite useful. Some of the newly integrated features include options for search, compose and receive emails etc. The added feature of spell-check, which is facilitated by Microsoft Word 2007, enables the user to correct the spelling mistakes while composing emails in the application. However, many of the users have reported errors while using the spell check feature in their Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Go through the below listed steps to fix the spell check settings in Word 2007, which will subsequently help you fix the problem associated with spell check in your Microsoft Outlook 2007.


  • Navigate to the “Start” menu and click on it. Highlight “All Programs” from the menu list, and click on “Microsoft Office 2007”. Wait until you find that Microsoft Office 2007 is fully loaded.
    Microsoft Outlook 2007

    Fix errors via Outlook help desk

  • Once the program is loaded, navigate to the round icon of “Microsoft Office”, which you can find at the top left. Select the “Word Options” from the dropdown menu that appears. You can find the “Word Option” towards the bottom of the menu.
  • Go to the left menu pane and select the “Proofing” tab. You can find a tab titled “When correcting spelling and grammar in Word”, along with “Check spelling as you type”. Ensure that this option is selected.
  • Go to the left menu pane, and select the “Add-Ins” tab. Select “Disabled items”, which is in the drop down menu next to “Manage”. Hit the “Go” button to continue.
  • Check whether the “Proofing” option is there in the dialogue box. If it is, select it and hit the “Enable” button. Through this step, you will be able to restore the spell-check function to your Outlook 2007.

In case the above steps do not help you restore the spell check option in Outlook 2007, it is recommended that you contact Outlook help desk. The Outlook help desk team will ensure that your issue is fixed.

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