How To Open An Encrypted Email In Outlook Express

Outlook Express Problems

Problems with Outlook Express

As everyone is aware Outlook is one of the most widely used email software on the planet. When you encounter any Outlook Express problems, there is always a solution to the problem found either online or from the several Microsoft customer support services available today. Today let us look into one such problem which many Outlook Express users have reported to have encountered. It is nothing but opening an Encrypted email in Outlook Express. It is likely that you have seen the solution to this problem before but let us examine it in more detail now. Many people do not know how to open an encrypted email in Outlook Express and if you are one among those folks, then here are some simple steps to accomplish the same.


  • You need to open the Outlook Express software in your PC by clicking on “Start” and then migrate to the “All Programs” section. Here you will find the option for opening Outlook Express.
  • Open the software by clicking on its icon.
  • When the software’s interface opens in a new window, you can see the “Tools” menu item on the top menu bar. In it there will be another item called “Options” and you need to click on that. In the subsequent menu displayed to you, you will have to press the “Security” tab followed by the “Digital IDs” option.
  • You need to enter the name of your Digital ID file in the space provided for the same or select the file using the “Browse” option.
  • Press the OK button when the necessary file is selected.

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  • After this is done you need to revisit “Tools”-“Options”-“Security”-“Digital IDs”.
  • From there you need to select the “Personal” tab and click on the “View” option to view and select your file from the list displayed.
  • You will see a box named “Subject” and in that you will have to enter your email address
  • Then you need to press the “Export” button and the subsequent confirmation prompts such as “Next” and “OK”.
  • When you are asked to enter a file name for the file, you can enter a desired name and it will be assigned as the name of your encrypted file.
  • Press “OK” after everything is done and you can now open the encrypted email file from Outlook Express.

So as you can see folks, all of the Outlook Express problems that you hear about are in fact very simple to solve and there is no need to rely on expert technical advice for the same. You can very well do it yourself.

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