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The new iPhone 4s is most famous for Siri, but let’s not forget the awesome new feature that will automatically backup and share your personal storage with all of your apple devices. This is an awesome way to backup your iphone in case it gets lost or stolen as well, and I can’t seem to get enough of the awesome iCloud feature that Apple installed on the new phone.


How to setup iCloud with your iPhone:

If you prefer you can watch our video guide on how to setup icloud.

Otherwise, here is how to setup iCloud on your new iPhone 4s:

Step 1: Setup your email address with your icloud

When you first purchase your phone from the apple store or from your carrier, they will likely help you setup your email to bind with your cell phone. This is generally your Apple ID, which you can sign up for either via iTunes or straight from your new iPhone 4s. Once you have an ID, go to the settings icon on the first screen (default) on your iPhone.

iphone settings

iphone settings

Once you have reached the settings area, you can scroll to the iCloud option to get to the logon screen.

icloud settings

icloud settings

Tap the iCloud button (2nd down in the menu right beneath General) and then click the “account” button, which is the first item on this menu.

This will bring you to the account logon screen, in which you should enter your Apple ID and password.



Once you have entered your account settings properly, click the blue “done” box at the top right corner of your iPhone, and viola, your logged in!

You should now see an elaborate menu on your iPhone that lets you choose what you would like to  be backup up with on the iCloud.

icloud backup options

icloud backup options

I’ve shut them off for the purposes of the tutorial, but you can go ahead and enable whichever items you’d like to have backed up automatically by the iCloud whenever your phone is:

Plugged in


Connected to Wifi

Thanks for reading, and be sure to leave a comment below if you have additional questions, or just would like to participate in the conversation!

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