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Outlook Settings: Interoffice Email & Configure DSL with Outlook

Outlook Setting for Interoffice Email in Microsoft Outlook

The design of the Microsoft Outlook email program is ideal for office networks of any size to quickly send as well as receive emails between different people in the organization. As soon as you install Microsoft Outlook on each of the computers that use Office, it will be possible to use the set up options for Outlook inside the program in order to create email addresses for each employee and also to set up distribution lists of related individuals and create reminders for meetings and appointments. Follow the procedure given below in order to configure the appropriate Outlook setting for interoffice email.

Procedure to Set up Microsoft Outlook for Interoffice Email

  • Start off the procedure by inserting the Microsoft Outlook email program’s installation disc into each of the CD drives in your office network. Adhere to the instructions in the installation wizard that pops up on the computer screen in order to install the Outlook program. As soon as the installation process is complete, open the Outlook program on one of the computers.
  • Following which, you have to click on the “Tools” button which is located on the tool bar which is at the top of the program’s window. Click on the
    Outlook Settings

    Configure Interoffice Email

    Account Settings” option from the drop-down menu that appears. When a new window pops up, click “New”.

  • You are then required to click on the radio button which is marked as “Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP”. Click the “Next” button. Give the name that you want displayed with the email account for the computer in the corresponding text box. Also give the email address for the computer in the next text box followed by the password that you wish to use. Click on “Next.” In the corresponding text boxes, you have to give the addresses of the incoming and outgoing mail server of the company. Click “Next” followed by “Finish”.
  • The set up process is to be repeated on all the other computers in your office network.  On any of the other computers, click “File”, select the “New” option and click on “New Distribution List”.
  • Click “Add”. Give the email address of the first person to be added in the distribution list.
  • This procedure is complete when you click “Calendar” which is at the lower left side of the program.

You have now successfully configured the requisite Outlook setting for Interoffice Email in Microsoft Outlook. To know more about such Outlook setting features, visit the Microsoft website.

Configure Outlook Settings in using DSL with Outlook

Many of you are familiar that email client programs such as Microsoft Outlook work by actively downloading messages off your email servers and into local folders on your computer. This allows you to send and receive all your emails from within Microsoft Outlook itself. The process of setting up an Outlook account in efficiently managing your emails works the same way regardless of the type of Internet connection you may have (DSL, cable modem, T1, public Wi-Fi etc) and in configuring a few necessary Outlook settings.

It requires only a few simple steps.

How to use DSL with Outlook by configuring Outlook Settings

  1. First obtain the required server information (Incoming and Outgoing Email Servers, the Email Username and Password) from your email service provider. Now verify if the email provider uses outgoing server authentication or secure socket layer (SSL) connections. Also validate if your provider uses the default server port numbers or alternate port numbers.
  2. Determine the type of network connection your home DSL service uses. Do so by contacting the technical support department for your DSL service provider or by navigating to your computer’s network connections control panel to check if your home DSL Internet is represented by a “Local Area
    Outlook Settings

    DSL Settings for Outlook

    Connection” icon or by a “Broadband Connection” icon.

  3. Next step, create an Outlook account. Open “Tools” menu from your Outlook settings and click on “Accounts“, “Account Settings” or “Email Accounts” based on the version of Outlook you have installed. Now create a new account and fill in the required server and login information you obtained in step 1. If your DSL connection uses a broadband connection instead of an LAC, you will need to specify this setting in your Outlook account. You will then notice a section labeled “Connection” on your screen. If not, click either on “Advanced” or “More Settings” to locate the same. Click on the checkbox that reads “Always connect to this account using” followed by “broadband connection” from the pull-down menu.
  4. Finally to test your new Outlook account, close out of the accounts window then click “Send/Receive“. If your email messages download properly into your Outlook inbox, you are now ready to use Outlook with your new DSL connection. However, in case of any type of server connection error, chances are you may have incorrectly configured your Outlook account. Or that there may be another connection problem preventing you from accessing your emails. In this case, contact technical support for your DSL Internet provider.

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