Outlook Settings Configuration with Microsoft Outlook 2002

Configuring your Outlook setting

Since you are reading this article, I am assuming that you have already secured your copy of Microsoft Outlook and installed it on your computer. Now the next thing you need to know is how to configuring it so that you can send and receive emails. Go through the instructions provided in this article; it will guide you in the process of doing the same.

Instructions for configuring your Outlook setting

Mentioned below are the instructions which will help you in the process of configuring your Outlook setting:

  1. Start off this procedure by launching your Outlook program. To do this, click on the Windows “Start” button, click on “All programs”, select “Microsoft Office” and then click on “Microsoft Outlook”. It’s recommended to keep its shortcut on the desktop so that it will be easier for you to access it.
  2. Once your Outlook application has opened up, click on the option which says “Tools” from the main menu.
  3. Select the option which says “Email Accounts” from the tools menu.
  4. Click on the option labeled “Add”.
  5. Continue with this procedure by clicking on the option “Add a new email account” from the setup portion of Outlook and hit the “Next” button.

    Outlook settings

    Outlook Configuration Settings

  6. In the next screen, you will be prompted to choose the email server that you are suing which in most cased will be “POP3”. Once you have made the selection, hit the “Next” button.
  7. You need to make a note of your ISP settings. During the next steps of this setup process, you will be required to provide information about your Internet Service Provider in the respective fields.
  8. Take a POP test. This is just a simple test which can be done with the click of a button and it is helpful to make sure that your account it up and running. Hit the “Test Account Settings” button for verifying whether you account is configured and ready to receive and send emails. If in the case of any missing information, like password, you will be prompted to provide the correct information.
  9. That’s it, you almost made it, now all that is left to do is to hit the “Next” button and then “Finish”.

That’s all with the information about configuring your Outlook setting to send and receive emails.

Configure Outlook setting to set up Microsoft Outlook 2002

Microsoft’s Outlook application is a popular email client and personal information management software. You can use Outlook to retrieve your mails from your different email accounts, like Gmail, Yahoo!, Live mail etc. You can send and receive emails from multiple email servers with Microsoft Outlook 2002 application which is a popular email reader.  You will have to add an email account within Microsoft Outlook 2002 in order to receive and send emails from Outlook 2002. To configure your Outlook setting to make Outlook 2002 as your primary email reader for one or more of your mail accounts you use regularly, it takes just a few simple steps and very little time. The following instructions shall help you to configure your Outlook setting to use multiple email accounts with your Microsoft Outlook 2002.

Outlook support instructions to configure the Outlook setting

  • Outlook Settings

    Outlook 2002 Setup

    Launch your Outlook 2002 application.

  • To Outlook 2002, add a new email account to enable sending and receiving mails from your mail accounts.
  • Click on “Tools” option.
  • Select the “Email Accounts” option.
  • Then choose the “Add a new email account”.
  • To start the process of adding a new email account, click “Next”.
  • Click “Next” after selecting the server type of the email account you are using. In the next few windows provide the details of your account, like, mane, email address, log in information and server information.
  • To test if the account is configured correctly, click “Test Account Settings“.
  • In the “E-mail Accounts” wizard, Close all of the windows and go back to the main window. To download your email messages from the server, Click on “Send and Receive“.

You have thus configured your Outlook 2002 to include multiple email accounts in it. If you face any trouble in receiving or sending emails within Outlook, try the common troubleshooting steps mentioned in Outlook support websites. If your issues are not resolved, consider contacting the Outlook tech support personnel over direct chat or telephone. He will help you with your issue. Make sure that you explain your problem with Outlook 2002 to the techie. The Outlook support team also says that you can avoid any frequent issues by checking for updates for the programs you use in your computer.

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