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Outlook Repair: Errors in Contact Folder & Problems Attaching Email Files

Outlook Repair for Errors in Contact folder

Ever had trouble loading contacts in Microsoft Outlook?

This is not a common error, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t faced such a problem. But who knows what the future might bring? So, to equip you for future Outlook repair, I suggest that you read this post. And for those who have faced the error, I needn’t say more, just continue reading.

The Outlook contacts folder contains all the contact details. It is a .pst file, which is opened every time you send or receive a mail. In this post, I have included the Outlook repair team’s troubleshooting steps to resolve such errors.

outlook repair

outlook contact folder

Outlook repair team’s troubleshooting steps

1.  Outlook repair when the files are corrupt

If the Outlook contacts folder goes corrupt, the program shows errors in functioning. This can be attributed to faulty updates, virus attacks or other malwares. There won’t be any error messages in this case.

To resolve the issue, run an Outlook repair scan and fix the errors.

2.  Outlook repair when you are unable to locate the folder

There can be situations when Outlook is unable to connect to the contacts folder. This happens when a direct link to the .pst files is not made possible.

For such errors, the Outlook repair team suggests that you import the contacts folder to your Outlook account. This can be done with the following procedure.

  • Click on File and then select Import and Export.
  • Locate the Outlook contacts file. While browsing for the contacts file, please keep in mind that the file has an extension “.pst”. Once you have successfully located the file, press the Import button.

The link has been successfully made.

The Outlook repair team’s troubleshooting steps are complete. If the problem persists, get professional help as soon as possible!

Outlook repair to Resolve Problems Involving Attaching Files in Email

Sending pictures, music and other items with your e-mail is perhaps the most beneficial feature on any e-mail program. However, actually attaching them can be a problem, and if you are not a wizard at troubleshooting your e-mail, things can get quite difficult. But there is no reason to worry. The Outlook repair team has devised a number of easy- to- follow troubleshooting steps in order to tackle this issue.

File Size Issues

If you are sending a large attachment to a person who is using a web-based e-mail program such as Hotmail or Yahoo!, there is a limit to the size of the files you can send. A good remedy for this is to either compress the files into a .zip file. Another option that you have is to send multiple files to multiple e-mail addresses, according to the Outlook repair team.

Virus Software Executable Files

Executable files are program applications that perform functions. The Outlook repair team wishes to point out that most e-mail programs don’t allow clients to receive these files because they are often malicious software that may contain a virus or spyware that can be detrimental to your computer and private files.

outlook repair

Problems Attaching Email Files

E-mail programs

The most popular e-mail program is Microsoft Outlook. Follow the instructions laid out by the Outlook repair team to send an attachment.

  1. In the opinion of the Outlook repair team you must check the preferences and make sure the e-mail account is not set to separate your attachments. If the receiver does not have the features set to reassemble the divided file, it will appear as junk, says the Outlook repair team.
  2. The Outlook repair team insists that you have your e-mail send options set to HTML. This will allow you to insert images, movie clips and music right into your e-mail document.

These tips provided by the Outlook repair team will be all the help you need to resolve problems involving attaching files through e-mail. You may also refer to the Outlook repair manual.

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