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Outlook Express Errors: 0x8004210b & Active X Errors

Understand and resolve Outlook Express Errors like Error “0x8004210b”

Not able to send or receive your email messages on Outlook Express? Are you getting an error message?

Outlook Express Errors: Error “0x8004210b”

Well, if so, error “0x8004210b” is one of the Outlook Express Errors that stops you from using your Outlook Express email.

Outlook Express errors like “0x8004210b” can arise if Microsoft Outlook fails to establish a proper connection with your email server.

Outlook Express Errors


What causes Outlook Express Errors like error”0x8004210b”?

Now the main reason for Outlook’s failure to connect to your email server can be because of problems with your internet connection.

Or else it can also be as a result of incorrectly configured account settings on your Outlook Express.

Now to fix and resolve your Outlook Express errors like “0x8004210b”, we take a look at a few troubleshooting steps by Outlook Express Help.

Let’s take a look.

Resolving Outlook Express Errors: Error “0x8004210b”

To start with resolving your Outlook Express errors like error “0x8004210b”, first verify your internet connection. Make sure that all your plug points are correct and actively connected. And also check your main modem for any irregularity in the supply. After verifying all these, try loading up a random website on your web browser.

But failure to do so means that the issue lies with your Internet Service Providers and you can contact them to further resolve the issue.

Now in case your internet connection is working properly but the issue still persists, then you need to verify your account settings and make sure that the information you entered are correct.

Last of all, you can also check the Anti Virus and Firewall programs installed in your computer as they can sometimes block certain programs to ensure safety of your computer but in turn leading to Outlook Express Errors.

You can do so by disabling these Anti Virus programs and check if the issue still persists.

Once you are done with these troubleshooting steps by Outlook Express Help, you can get back to using your email program without any more Outlook Express Errors.

Resolve your Outlook Express problems that involve Active X errors

Sometimes, you’ll encounter Outlook Express problems that involve a lot of technical terms such as ‘Invalid XML’ or ‘Active X errors’.  When encountering such errors, you’ll need the guidance of an online help article that’ll help you troubleshoot such issues. And in this case, you’ll be getting help to overcome your Outlook Express problems that involve you getting Active X errors.

Let’s get to know these Outlook Express problems better.

What is an Active X error?

outlook express problems

active x error

You’ll normally encounter these Outlook Express problems when you’ve disabled Active X in your Internet Explorer. Sometimes, the Active X setting may be disabled by third party programs (such as your anti-virus program) for security reasons and this will affect your Outlook Express experience. Unless this option is enabled, you’ll encounter Outlook Express problems where you won’t be able to open emails that contains an Active X code.

Resolving such Outlook Express problems

The good news is that fixing these Outlook Express problems is a piece of cake. And no, there’s no bad news for this one. So, just follow the instructions and you should be able to resolve these Outlook Express problems yourself.

  1. The only thing to do about these Outlook Express problems is to enable your Active X setting in Internet Explorer. You can do that by opening Internet Explorer and then clicking on ‘Tools’ from its toolbar. From the drop down menu, click on ‘Internet Options’.
  2. In the ‘Internet Options’ window, click on the ‘Security’ tab and then set the security level to ‘Custom Level’.
  3. Now, scroll down till you come across a section that says ‘Active X controls and plug-ins’. From the list that you see, select the options ‘Run Active X controls and plug-ins’ and ‘Script Active X controls marked safe for scripting’. Once you’ve selected them, all you have to do is click the ‘Enable’ button.

Close the Internet Properties window and close Internet Explorer. Now, launch Outlook Express and you’ll see your Active X problems fixed by following these instructions.

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