Good Morning Cup


How do you start your day?  A morning jog, a hot cup of coffee and the morning news?  Starting off on the right foot is always a good way to begin.  With Outlook, you also have a choice of how to start your working day.

If looking at your Inbox isn’t the first thing you do when you open Outlook, you can choose any other folder as your default welcome screen.  You might find it more useful, for instance, to first view your Calendar or To Do list for the day.  That way you know right away what kind of day you’re going to have.

TheTo Do list, in case you don’t know, is actually a view of all your tasks and flagged email items.  By having your To-Do List sorted by importance and Due Date, users can review their tasks for the day before moving on to the messages in their Inbox. Telling Outlook to open to the To-Do List especially makes sense for workers who don’t use email, but need access to tasks.

Outlook How toTo choose a different starting folder in Outlook, go to Tools, Options, and select the Other tab.Then click the Advanced button under the General section. In the Advanced Options window, click the Browse button to access the menu of Outlook folders.  You can choose from any Outlook folder, including ones you have created.  To select the To Do list, scroll to the very top of the list, select it and click OK.

Now restart Outlook.  It will open in Task view showing your To do list.

Outlook How to

Outlook How toIf you want to tweak the default grouping or sort options, right click on the title bar of the view window and select Customize Current View.  By default, Grouping is set to automatically group according to how you sort items.  If you want to force it to group only in a certain way, uncheck the box by “Automatically group” and choose which field(s), in prioritized order, you want Outlook to group by.  Sorting also can be forced to sort using up to four levels of priority.

Once you set your view up with your new customizations you are now assured you’ll start your Outlook day off to a good start.

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