On Configuring the Outlook settings to receive Message alert and in including Comcast.net email

Outlook settings, Message alert, Comcast email

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Configuring the Outlook settings to receive Message alert in Outlook 2007

Different options for managing email correspondence are offered by the Microsoft Outlook 2007 application. To alert you on reception of new emails in Outlook, you can adjust the Outlook settings to present a desktop alert that will draw your attention to the newly received messages. In Outlook 2007, you can set up these message alerts within the browser settings. For instance, several kinds of messages like, SMS, instant messages from chat clients and emails can be received through your BlackBerry phone. It is possible in the BlackBerry operating system to have different message alerts for different types of messages that you receive in it. With this feature, even without watching the screen, you can figure out what type of message you received in your phone. Also, if you no longer wish to receive the alerts, you can also disable the message alerts.

Here’s how you should set up your Outlook settings to receive message alerts.

Instructions to configure Outlook settings to receive message alerts

  • Log into your computer.
  • Open the Microsoft Outlook 2007 application on your computer.
  • Click on “tools” menu and from the drop-down menu, select “Options“.
  • Then click on “Preferences,” and “Email Options.”
  • Choose “Advanced Email Options,” and select “When new items arrive in my inbox.” Place a check beside “Display a new mail desktop alert.”
  • Choose a sound notification that you would like to keep for the several types of messages, a small change to the cursor or an envelope icon by placing check marks beside these options.
  • By moving the slider bar to the left or right, change the duration of the alert.
  • To exit the window, click on the option labeled “OK”.

So that’s how you configure the Outlook 2007 to set up the alerts for receiving messages in it. After you configure it, it would be similar to your mobile phone allowing different types of ringtones for different contacts. That’s all the help you will need. If you have any further clarification on these or any other Outlook 2007 issues, contact the Outlook tech support team, where your issues shall be effectively addressed by the techies there. So, forget your worries on Outlook with the Outlook support team’s help!


Outlook settings to include Comcast.net email

Comcast Corporation is a giant ISP, cable operator, telephone service, etc. provider in the United States. It also offers cable TV, home security, broadband internet, telephone services etc to home and business customers. You can configure the Outlook settings to include the Comcast.net email account in Outlook 2010 for sending and receiving emails straight away from the Outlook interface. Setting up Comcast email in Outlook 2010 is rather easy and the process is similar for earlier versions of Outlook except for the occasional menu name change.

You will need to know the Comcast email address, your name and the account password to send and receive Comcast emails in Outlook 2010.Outlook will automatically detect the outgoing and incoming mail server settings. Here’s how this is done!

Instructions to configure the Outlook settings for Comcast email account

  • Launch the Outlook application and to open the Add New Account wizard, select “File,” “Account Information” and “Add Account“.
  • Give a name as you want it to appear in your email. Also provide your Comcast email address and the account password and click “Next.”

    Outlook settings, Message alert, Comcast email

    Configuring Comcast email in Outlook

  • Wait until a configuration page loads completely. Outlook will be automatically recognizing the Comcast domain name and it will automatically try to log into the Comcast email server. For this process to complete fully, you will have to wait for a few minutes.
  • If the connection fails in between and no progress is seen, click “Retry” or “Manually configure server settings“. If you click “Retry“, wait a second time.
  • Choose “manually…” and in the window that opens, enter your incoming and outgoing server settings. “mail.comcast.net” is the incoming mail server of Comcast and outgoing mail server is “smtp.comcast.net”.
  • From the connection type list in the manual configuration window, select “POP3“. Your log in information will be automatically filled from the wizard. But the fields are blank, retype it. Select “Next” and then “Finish”. The Outlook will attempt to connect again automatically. Your account will then work assuming that your Comcast account is active.

That’s how you configure the Outlook settings to include the Comcast email account in Outlook. You can then see the Comcast mails together with other account mails in your Outlook email. That’s all the information you will need, thank you and have a nice day!

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