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Outlook Express Errors with 0x80042108 & 0x800ccc67

Are you getting an error message when you try to send or receive mails on your Outlook Express?

Is “0x80042108” the error code you see on your screen?

Why Outlook Express Errors like “0x80042108” occur?

Well, Error “0x80042108” occurs for the simple reason that Outlook Express cannot establish or setup a connection with your email server.

Cause of Outlook Express Errors like “0x80042108”

Outlook Express Errors like “0x80042108” can result from a poor internet connectivity and also because of the incorrect configuration of account settings on Outlook Express.

So, to fix Outlook Express Errors like “0x80042108”, our Outlook Help team will help you root out the problem from its source.

outlook express errors

outlook express errors

Resolving Outlook Express Errors like “0x80042108”

First and foremost, verify your internet connection by making sure that you are properly connected to it, as majority of Outlook Express Errors like “0x80042108” thrive because of faulty connections.

If the problem lies with the internet connection, then you will have to notify and resolve the issue with your Internet Service Providers.

But if not, please verify and check your account settings to make sure that it has the correct information. Or else you can re-enter the same and save it correctly to avoid these Outlook Express Errors.

Now, you can also check the Anti Virus and Firewall Programs installed on your computer. As sometimes, applications like these tend to block unrecognized programs on your computer for its own protection and security.

If this is the reason behind your Outlook Express Errors then you can disable your Anti Virus and Firewall Programs to use your Outlook Express. Or else you can also check for any settings to allow Outlook Express as an exception to run along with the Anti Virus and also the Firewall without any interruptions.

So once you’re done with these help tips, you can get back to using your Outlook program without any Outlook Express Errors.

Outlook Express errors with 0x800ccc67

Outlook Express errors, there are millions of them. 0x800ccc15, 0x80042108, 0x8004210b and the list just keeps on growing. It’s really, really irritating for the millions of Outlook users when they encounter Outlook Express errors. The really exasperating thing about Outlook Express errors is that most of them don’t make any sense. Pulling out your hair or smashing your head against the wall will hardly solve these Outlook Express errors.

Let’s take error 0x800ccc67, for example. It means nothing to the untrained eye. I wouldn’t know the difference between the causes for Outlook Express errors. But when I contacted a technical support provider for Outlook they were delighted to solve this irritating issue for me. And they even explained some of the causes of this issue, as well as some methods to solve it. Now solving such Outlook Express errors is a breeze.

outlook express errors

outlook errors

Outlook Express errors with 0x800ccc67, which is actually a send-receive problem, commonly occurs due to problems with the internet connectivity. Another common reason for these Outlook Express errors is if your Outlook Express settings are configured incorrectly. The Outlook tech support providers were so through that they went through at least another hundred different causes of the same error. Then, all they could say was how I could solve the issue. They offered a “lazy package”, as I call it, where they would sit in their cozy offices and remotely correct the issue without me having to move a stone. But being the brave one I was, I took up the challenge and decided to follow their clear and well defined steps to solve my Outlook Express errors.

They first asked me to make sure that I was connected to the internet. And if there was an issue with this I had to contact my Internet Service provider. And then, if there was no problem with the connectivity, I just needed to adjust my Outlook settings. That was where my problems lay. It was simple and easy to correct. Just for kicks, I asked them what else would cause these Outlook Express errors, and they say that antivirus software could also cause this problem. Now all my Outlook Express errors are simple to solve.

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  1. Jenny

    Beside these reasons, DBX file corruption is also very common reason behind occurence of such errors in Outlook Express. If you get your DBX file corrupted, you need to use third party Outlook Express recovery tool to recover, because Microsoft does not provide any built-in utility to recover Outlook Express DBX files.


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